Thursday, August 26, 2010


Howdy, y'all. Been a long time!

Last semester was a pretty huge turning point in my becoming. I kinda dropped away from my social blog, my online gallery, and this blog (even though this one was for class documentation). In short, I'm much more upfront with myself about what I'm doing and not doing. No more excuses.

With the spoken and unspoken changes in my personal life, my online appearance has taken on a facelift as well:
deviantART (will visit both for friend checkups)
This blog = yes.
Facebook = a given. gallery... my work might be fairly 'amateur', but my previous gallery space isn't really doing it for me anymore, sadly. [Oh no! I just apologized for my artwork. Bad Chelsea!]

In addition to my creative process documentation, I intend to include art journal entries from my practicum experience as well. Like to keep the art stuff together.

And that's that.

Until next time, here's a very brief video I made documenting the development of my TeaTree.
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