Sunday, November 10, 2013

Naturally becoming...

Two years since my last post? Eesh.

In the last post I showed a collection of the postcards I created for the Art Therapy Without Borders art swap. That process has stuck with me, and I am now wanting to create larger works from the same process.

Last year (2012) I created this:
Watercolor, ink, copper metal and paper/embroidery detail.

Embroidery + watercolor + drawing = TEXTURE *drool*

 ...and the year before (2011), this:

I recently came upon a local print shop that has a large scanner that can copy my paintings for prints. So stoked! I don't trust my camera for fine art prints, not one bit. Not even in a light box.

With this development, I expect a necessary name change for my Etsy shop to more fully describe my current items and to accommodate my painting/mixed media prints. When I created the shop, I was selling jewelry. Not my forte any longer, as I have found much more fulfillment (and success) in my artwork. Now... to decide on a name...!

My first quilt is also in process, made from my husband's signature hoodie. My first quilt! The details and photos will be in another post for another day.

I never formally left, but it's good to be back.

xx chels
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