Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello, all or none.  Two months have gone by since my last 365 entry of contour drawings.  I have still been drawing them, but have not uploaded yet.  I would say there are only so many times and ways one can draw things around the house when time is running short, but that would be a straight up misconception.

ANYWAY. I have noticed a shift in my brain lately, for the most part.  I have somewhat tucked in and become increasingly introspective.  I am still incredibly socially awkward and talk poorly as well as too much when wading through nervous social situations, but besides that I am a still pond.

When I began attending the art therapy program it was often said that the program changes you.  I just said "OK" and let it be. Well. It just might have changed me a lot.

Phil says he has noticed some difference in me over the last year. Maybe it's the program. Maybe it's moving to a new area with little social interaction. Let's just say... I think my social skills have gone the way of the awkward turtle. Regardless, it's another process among many that have taken place and have yet to come.

Back to thesis.

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