Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Therapy Without Borders: International Postcard Art Exchange

For the past six months I have been participating in a postcard art exchange hosted by Art Therapy Without Borders (ATWB Postcard Art Exchange).  Art therapists and art therapy students from around the world have been exchanging postcards telling about their role as an art therapist and what art therapy means to them.
Here are the cards I have had the pleasure of receiving!

A lovely collection, yes! :)

*SPOILER ALERT* my postcards that probably have yet to be received by many...

Thesis has taken over my life for the most part, so I just now sent out all my postcards on the mail-by deadline date of April 15th.  International recipients may not get their cards for 2-3 weeks... but as today is 'reflection day' for the project, here are my cards to contribute:

Lately I have been entertaining my current theme/symbol of containment and boundaries in my artwork. 

I had several 4x11" strips of watercolor paper and painted each one. Each strip allowed for two postcards to be cut from it, resulting in pairs. No two are alike, but one can see where two may have matched up!

It has been a wonderful experience creating for everyone, as well as opening a small window to art therapists and students around the world and hearing your stories!

Thanks, all!

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