Thursday, September 9, 2010

Practicum Art Journal: First 3 weeks

This semester I started my first practicum with adults.
Posts from now on will most likely be only one journal image. Since I fell behind, it's a mega update!

Week 1: Transitional phase
In my frustration and uncertainty, I remind myself that new places always come with this and it is not specific to this site.

Week 2: Creating a space
New art materials were purchased, and since the art space wasn't available to start group I took the time to organize. Would be preferable to have the space ready before it starts anyway, right?

Week 3: Rounding up the troops
Since the site is residential, my supervisor and I decided it was best to call the residents prior to group each week to remind them it was going on. At first I thought it was a little impersonal, but often the men can be protective of their personal space. That, and it's fairly common there to call and remind; the men seem to prefer it rather than someone coming by and knocking. I'm getting used to it:

Someday I will have a scanner that works. Until then, I am blessed with my camera :)


  1. Chelsea... I hope that art journaling proves to be a great processing tool for you as you move forward in your practicum... I continue to use it today! If you are ever interested in what my thesis findings were on it, shoot me an email, or it is in the office at school!

  2. Thanks, Kelley! I started it summer of '09 and am wishing I had kept one through Head Start. I attended your presentation at the AATA conference but know I will learn a lot more through reading your thesis :)


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