Thursday, October 7, 2010

canvas card + 'genius' envelope tutorial

I've been meaning to send snail mail to folks that I don't see often (i.e. we only communicate through Facebook as of late), and I want to change that.  Today was the first step.

Thanks to inspiration from JournalGirl, I decided to experiment with canvas:

I gessoed the outside to make it more sturdy and less permeable, then decorated with stamps and staples.
Added a notecard on the inside to (again) make more sturdy and provide an easier writing space.  
Next, I sewed the notecard to the canvas (it can be attached other ways, like staples, eyelets, etc.)

...but this is what I'm really excited about.
I know how to make an envelope, but anything I tried to do just didn't seem to go with the card.
I took one large notecard, cut a 'V' shape close to one corner, threaded through a strand of yarn and glued to the card with rubber cement.  
Without thread in the sewing machine needle, I made two rows to create a perforated 'edge' to allow the envelope to be torn open easily without damaging the card on the inside (kind of like a gum package wrapper or padded envelopes you can buy).
To seal, I placed the card on the inside and sewed the cards together around the edge.


Still figuring out how to make a set of cards to put on Etsy; it doesn't seem possible with the sewing-shut part. 
Will have to experiment.


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