Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project A, § 1: My first book-making

The first day of our Creative Process class, I had no clue what to make that day despite my thoughts of creation before meeting. It came to mind that making a portfolio of some kind would be a good start. It began in my mind as a loose binding of simple folders that swiftly evolved into a book, similar to the art journals I have.

Initially I was unsure of the order of operations to make a book, but luckily I knew what kind--the kind with "signatures"--a decent start. After observing other handmade books of this type I set out to make my own. It began with the pages varying in size, ranging from 8.5x11" to 4x6", with other sizes in-between. As I gathered the signatures together to consider the binding process, I realized that perhaps I should stick with the dimensions of a normal postcard, which is what I will expect in the long-short of my research project (please message if explanation is desired).

I cut down the pages to size and began punching the holes in the individual signatures to bind the individual papers together. *I learned that in future endeavors of bookmaking, I might want to consider using thicker paper, as my thin paper turned out to be less stable than I thought.* Thin calico fabric was cut for a spine, sewn to glued-together pieces of construction paper, and voila, the cover! But I still had to attach it to the loose signatures.

By guess and by golly, I sewed and looped the individuals together to form the book, and sewed the fabric spine to the twine from the signatures. I may have bent the rules of bookmaking, but regardless... it works for me for the purpose I have for it.

This book is expected to provide a keeping place for further documentation of my processes (notes, insights, etc.) as well as noting images in regards to my research.

For a piece of what I've been listening to, click here.


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