Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project B, § 1: Evolving Self

This project has been in the back of my mind since last October, and is now taking off. The idea behind it, for me, is to help me document the effects of life circumstances onto the tracing of my body, acting as somewhat of a flat art journal of sorts. My husband Phil was kind enough to help me begin the project by tracing my body outline--standing up--onto a long strip of paper. I intend to bring it to the studio course at least once a week (we meet twice per) to work on, but primarily intend to make it a home project.
(if you're wondering, that little guy on the left of the image is Alvin, our chinchilla, out to stretch his legs)

At first I wasn't sure why I wanted to add the white. Perhaps it was to cover up the black marks... and because I like the way white looks on brown paper? But as I applied the crayon (which became paint due to the crayon not fulfilling my need) I realized I was more readily covering up the areas where Phil had accidentally mis-traced and had to go over it again, which created double, crooked lines. To me it was just part of tracing a person--it's difficult to get it "perfect", and sometimes it's better to not be that way. But why did I need to cover up those places? Was it for aesthetic purposes? Maybe partially, but that's the only reason I can conjure up even though I'd like to say it could be something different.

Working on a tracing of yourself may seem somewhat vain or narcissistic, which is not what I want to be, and I don't see the project as being that way. I want to better myself to better help others, and right now, it seems that if this project is still burning in my mind, I prefer to kindle the fire and let it run its course rather than suppress it.

I am still developing my final, underlying question for the Creative Process course, and I am working to piece it together (I thought I knew what it was--working through themes--but would prefer to link it to my research project question for my thesis). My intention is to actualize my thesis research question partially through the "postcard" book, which is described in the previous post.

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  1. Interesting how many bodies are coming into the course - it is great. So much of our work is about the embodied experience and reclaiming the disembodied. It makes sense to me that there is a parallel play here between your images and questions. It will be interesting for you to hold the ideas together and apart and see what happens.


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