Monday, March 29, 2010

Project C, § 1: A New Step

Lately my self outline has drifted... and slowed down... substantially. A new project concerning secrets and the shadow has wiggled its way into my mind.

I've been reflecting on what all makes us who and what we are, including experiences, family roots/background, the people we meet, places we go, lessons learned, and secrets kept. May initially appear an elementary thought process, but in reflection of this brief list I found that "lessons learned" stuck out to me. Perhaps this because it's something a few of my clients and I have been talking about in sessions--turning mistakes into lessons learned. Not all of my secrets are mistakes; only a small fraction to me might be considered as such, but the majority that I used to call mistakes have turned got it...lessons.

An image and poem began to materialize in my thoughts regarding secrets and all I had learned before, which resulted in quick painting and praying for my gallery-hanging-dreams to come true (i.e. hang a canvas from the ceiling facing down... you look up and see it. There's more to it than that but if it can be displayed at the show, you'll just find out there).

I forgot to document whilst speed painting.

Alvin watched from afar.

Still evolving...


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