Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mona Lisa Smile

This morning during my waking up process I came across Mona Lisa Smile on TV. I've seen only bits and pieces of the film but was glad to come across this specific scene this morning. It connected me back to the Creative Process class, specifically one of our readings when we began discussing what art is.

I love that question.

Someone on YouTube made a video with a few clips from the movie considering this question:

I am reminded of our discussion about learning technique and the "rules" of a process so we can know when and how to break them when creating our own artwork. Like my undergrad painting professor Bohac said, "some rules are made to be broken". He basically taught us about mixing complementary colors to make black (as we weren't allowed to have straight black paint in class--a blessing in the end!) and how white brought objects to the front, black to recede... and that was it. I wanted more guidelines--it was my first painting class, after all--but the openness of it allowed me to explore what fit me best for my own creative process and growth as an artist.

Reactions to this clip? I'd like to read them!

The film as a whole reminds me of Pamela Tanner-Boll's Who Does She Think She Is, because it brings up the issue between choosing a family over career and vice-versa. YES!!

If you have not seen this film yet, I highly recommend it for your summer movie viewing list :)


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