Monday, September 27, 2010


Ever get that feeling of being overwhelmed with creative inspiration, almost to the point of feeling immobile? What to do first?! It's so good, it's bad.

There are so many coming my way, either self-created or inspiration from another, I don't know where to start. One idea nudges its way to the center of my attention, only to be pushed away by another as soon as it arrived.

It doesn't help when my schoolwork is constantly tapping me on the shoulder.  There is a time for art-making, and a time for school. One must come before the other, but who said one always had to be first?

The best way for me to organize these ideas, regardless of whether they are ever executed, is to make a list:

  • postcards...
  • bag tapestry (in progress)
  • birthday/Christmas gifts
  • commission painting
  • art journal (personal) - make and create
  • wedding photo printing/scrapbooking
  • de-apple kitchen, one apple at a time... without landlord noticing (in progress)
  • rosette pillow
  • canvas crafts
  • gift painting (in progress)
  • group art projects
*Q: What helps you keep track of new inspirations/ideas for creativity? 
*Q: If one idea is passed over long enough, does it stay on the list or do you drop it?

Practicum journal update coming soon...


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