Monday, October 4, 2010

kitschy and substantial...?

The past several weeks I have been discerning my artwork, kitschy-craftiness, and how to make both more substantial. I love repurposing and remaking for less what I see in a store... however, it never seems to result in something that could be lifetime quality, let alone heirloom material.

I want to make something like that.  I want to do this without having to become a metalsmith (even though that would be a m a z i n g).

How to transform my work?  Can it be the way it is yet higher quality?  Practice practice practice.


Also, I have figured out why I haven't been working on the scrapbook documenting the engagement photos and the wedding day of Phil and me.  The day was wonderful, we were (and are!) so happy!  I've bought a photo album and have some ideas for color schemes and layouts... What is holding me back is that we're not fully pleased with the photos.  Some things were out of our and the photographer's hands, some things weren't, and there's me (I can be very critical of how I look in photos).  As a creative person, I suppose I'm aggravated that I did not see more options or had more ideas for shots on either of those days... but being in the moment, it is difficult to be the outside observer.  Conflicting emotions.  Always conflicting emotions!

It is what it is.

I will get to it soon.  May it be sooner rather than later.  Perhaps over Christmas break as a reminiscing activity, since it will be close to our first anniversary :)  Another reason to continue cranking away at the thesis!  May I transform my thinking and remember there is no past in regards to photos. They are what they are and it is up to me to remember what they are documenting and cherish that.


  1. I never did anything with my wedding photos. I will probably do it like 20 years from now! So don't feel bad.


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