Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 Project, v.2011

New year new year new year!

New project.

Many creative minds out there partake in a 365 project, where something with a similar theme is done every day (or almost every day), and documented. Click here for more ideas from Etsy

So many ideas, so difficult to choose.

This morning I decided to make a contour drawing of my husband while he was waking up, drinking his coffee while surfing the internet.

*click on images for a larger view*

I had so much fun making this I decided to make more...

*from left to right, going down: singing bowl, bird salt & pepper shakers, name pennant banner, cream & sugar, P & C wall hooks, one of Kara's wedding reception centerpieces (she wanted guests to take one home), and our Christmas tree*

This project is allowing me to return to my roots as an artist. I never painted or used much of any other medium on my own time (or in a formal class) until I was in college; it was always drawing.

*Images were drawn in a notebook that was used as a temporary reflection journal for my Development class my first year of grad school.  I've had the notebook for years and barely used it. It finally has a job!*

To make up for the last week I missed of the new year, I drew seven items around the house. Now, the goal is to do one contour drawing every day.

My project isn't what I thought it would be, but I am pleased with it.

Do you have any ideas for your own 365 project (if you choose to participate)?

Happy making,

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  1. Great idea, Chelsea! And I do actually...I'm drawing a "silly" face (as I explain them to Brooke) every day.


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